"You’re not alone here"
I have my friends

infinite list of favorite reign outfits:

↳Lola in 1.10

Top 10 Reign Characters (as voted by my followers)
8. Lola
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But I think that after the plague comes and goes, [Kenna will be] kind of taught a lesson that she knew already: what it means to lack power in this world.” In order not to be a “little fish”, Kenna will put pressure on Bash to rise in power and status. (x)

look where our hearts have led us

Caitlin Stasey, who plays the Lady Kenna, just tweeted this in response to the recent spoilers, and deleted it thirty minutes later.

We’ve both been blessed to care for you. You’re a wonderful boy. And a good soul. And you are and always were loved. Pascal, god loves you too.